Our Strategy involves a three-part direction for our efforts. CARING involves a central place or target where churches are engaged in demonstrating the gospel in arenas of brokenness that transcends typical boundaries in our context. Any efforts at living our resolves needed an area for broad scope, yet could still reveal a collective focus all of our churches could stand behind. This means a long-term approach to a specific section of our community with a hope that God might impact brokenness in a greater part of our community as the gospel bears fruit.

Following our first larger aim at the OWNING strategy through our We Resolve Campaign in 2015, we began to see a specific arena of our community surface again and again. We considered how a community might change if God impacted those who touch a school campus. We saw generations represented, community goals impacted, future cycles of pain undone, and more could be touched.  What if it was all the elementary schools? What if an entire ISD was impacted?

Church/School Partnerships was born out of these questions.