Church/School Partnerships

One pastor remarked that the local public school campus may be the final “remaining piece of public square where the church is still welcomed.” We had to consider, “If this is true, are we leveraging it well for the sake of the gospel?”

We believe a Church/School Partnership serves well as the CARING component in our Christ Together Strategy. Every church discovers places of need in their context and how their involvement might complement the larger vision for the city. Some churches can love teachers well, some can effectively mentor children, and others will be hands-on via Christian clubs or support efforts (FCA, SWAT, WatchDogs, etc.). Each church matches its strengths with the school’s needs that are communicated from administrators on a local campus.

Our vision is for every local school campus in our area to have one or more church partnerships intent to bless the school, staff, student, and family connections present. In our locale, this impacts or touches three independent school districts. The majority of our churches are located within the Lamar Consolidated ISD, but some are connected in Fort Bend ISD and Katy ISD and beyond. LCISD and FBISD both have given the green light for these partnerships from the superintendent to the board. This gives us a door needed with local campus leaders and the passion to represent Christ well in each partnership.

In the spring of 2016, we discovered an organization that is focused on helping churches do this very thing. Since that time, Loving Houston has assisted Christ Together Fort Bend in two trainings and several strategizing efforts to help resource our churches in this endeavor. As we close the end of 2016, CTFB Churches are involved in at least informal partnerships with over 20 LCISD campuses and a few FBISD campuses.

As we begin 2017 with a focus around school partnerships, perhaps your church might begin these steps, or perhaps you might share the success you’ve found in previous school campus efforts. The task is too great for any one church. We need each other. We need to be Christ TOGETHER.