Our Strategy involves a three-part direction for our efforts. OWNING involves our efforts as pastors and leaders to personally engage our churches to own the lostness in our area. Primarily this is emphasized as an invitation for each church to prayerfully and formally identify their Circle of Accountability, a piece of geography around the church where they passionately pursue taking the gospel to every man, woman, and child in collaborative efforts with others.

This piece of the strategy involves the local church’s leadership engaging and affirming the direction in their own manner and time. The power comes as churches across the city and across different denominations begin to lay their circles out to see where there is need for overlap, special focus, or prayer over gaps to still reach. We have seen this come primarily in our effort We Resolve.

More will come as believers begin to recognize their own circles in our churches, leading to efforts to reach those with the gospel on one block and neighborhood at a time. May God grant us large vision and creative approaches to these efforts.